Hongyuan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Yong’an Road, Gongyi City, Henan Pr

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ovince. Hongyuan Company is a fixed-point manufacturer specializing in wood series processing (crushing, shredding, chipping, milling) equipment. Faced with fierce competition in the industry, in the face of the technical problems of “powerful, low output” in the performance of many manufacturers, Hongyuan’s scientific research personnel adhere to the road of independent innovation, not only investing a large amount of research and research funding, but also Introduced advanced technologies and technologies from Germany and Italy, and strived to develop in the direction of high-end quality and performance on the basis of high starting point, and strive for innovation and development for more than 20 years. Hongyuan Machinery has become the same industry in China. Large-scale, professional, and full-scale wood-based processing equipment backbone enterprises, China’s well-known brands of similar products, Henan Province Ministry of Industry and Trade focused on export-oriented foreign

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exchange enterprises, Zhengzhou City management and civilized “quality and integrity” famous enterprises and other honors .

Hongyuan people adhering to the “conscience, integrity and integrity” as the corporate principle, believe in “quality, customer first” for the purpose of the enterprise, in the “you have me, you have me first” business ideas, to ensure that “professional plus scale, Integrity and integrity are the foundation for developing a market to win.
Hongyuan Company has accumulated experience through practice, has achieved professionalism through experie
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nce, and has formed a scale by professional. Hongyuan Machinery solemnly promises to all sectors of the society. We are willing to verify and demonstrate Henan Hongyuan Machinery Superpower through your comprehensive inspection and comparison. The comprehensive strength, and dare to compare the price level on the premise of ensuring quality.
Welcome to Hongyuan

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