900 type scrap crusher is a large metal crusher produced by Hongyuan Machinery. It can be applied to scrap metal such as packing metal, briquetting metal, compressed metal, scrap alloy, waste, paint bucket, oil barrel, petrol barrel. , iron barrel, thin iron sheet, metal barrel, metal can, color steel tile, rolling gate, waste formwork, metal cabinet, safe, file cabinet, motor casing, oil filter, metal scrap, scrap, scrap, scrap iron, The crushing, separation and processing of scrap steel and other materials have the characteristics of low transportation price, convenient smelting, high steel purity and stable metal composition. Widely used in metal products factory, metal processing plant, waste recycling station, metal recycling company, steel mill, metallurgy, smelting, and other industries. In the production line configuration, the 900 type scrap crusher consists of feeding, large metal crusher, discharge conveying, sorting system, dust removal system, soundproof and explosion-proof room, and electric control system. It can be used for paint removal and impurity removal of all kinds of scrap steel. Broken scorpion is known as the scrap recycling line.

working principle

The type 900 scrap crusher is fed into the equipment sliding silo through the equipment configuration of the feeding conveyor. The material is evenly fed into the main cavity of the equipment through the forced pressing roller and the material of the material. During the high-speed rotation process, the material is crushed by the hammerhead. The crushed material is crushed into spherical metal particles by the roller press at high speed in the machine cavity, and the waste standard is discarded under repeated impact. The metal is discharged into the machine cavity through the bottom screen, and the discharged raw materials are sent to the sorting system through the discharge conveyance to sort the impurities, scrap iron, scrap copper and waste in the scrap metal to obtain high-quality raw materials of high composition. For regenerative metallurgical processing.