Motorcycle crusher is a large-scale metal crushing equipment produced in response to market development. The machine is equipped with the above material conveyor, metal crushing main machine, discharge conveyor, sorting system, centralized dust removal system and control power distribution cabinet. With the composition of the equipment, the machine can realize the one-time smashing of scrap steel, metal briquettes, bicycle racks, motorcycle frames, frame clamps, battery frames, color steel tiles, paint buckets, flower boxes, cans, etc. The processing of scorpion group can realize the separation of aluminum, copper and iron in paint, metal and non-metal and metal in scrap steel to improve the quality of steelmaking charge. The broken metal crusher has the advantages of high density, high material purity, convenient transportation and high recycling value.

work process

   In the process, the material of the feeding conveyor configured by the motorcycle is fed into the sliding chamber of the equipment. The material is uniformly fed into the main cavity of the equipment through the forced pressing roller and the material of the feeding system, during the high-speed rotation of the main shaft. The material is crushed by the hammerhead, and the crushed material is crushed into spherical metal particles by the roller press at high speed in the machine cavity, and the scrap metal that reaches the discharge standard is repeatedly sieved through the bottom sieve. The net is discharged into the machine cavity, and the discharged raw materials are sent to the sorting system through the discharge conveyance to sort the impurities, scrap iron, scrap copper and scrap in the scrap metal to obtain high-quality raw materials for high-grade raw materials. .