The scrap aluminum crusher is a professional machine that pulverizes large-sized solid metal materials to the required size. The pulverizer can be classified into a coarse crusher, a medium crusher, a fine mill, and an ultrafine mill depending on the size of the scraped or shredded material. This machine is mainly composed of worm gear reducer, casing, frame, combined helical cutter head, drive shaft, driven shaft, large gear, small gear and other parts.

working principle

Using the basic principle of hammer hitting, under the drive of high-speed and high-torque motor, the hammer on the main rotor in turn hits the object to be crushed into the cavity, and the space formed between the liner and the hammerhead will be broken. The object is torn into a broken piece of conformity. According to the working condition of the crusher, it can be divided into dry system, wet system and semi-wet system. The dry system mainly means that the crushed material must pass through the air cyclone sorting system to separate the metal from the non-metal, and the whole system is equipped with a dust removing device. A wet system refers to water spray while being crushed, and is rinsed while being sorted. The semi-wet system only sprays a small amount of water when it is needed to prevent dust and does not clean.