Briquet Crusher This machine is mainly used for crushing processing of cans, briquettes, waste metal briquettes and scrap metal briquettes. The crushed materials are mostly spherical metal particles, which are the recycling of major metals. The necessary equipment for the recycling of scrap metal resources by stations and iron and steel smelting institutions. On the principle of equipment operation, the machine uses the principle of stick decomposition and hammer hitting to realize the crushing of large metal packing materials or briquetting materials. The crushed material is spherical metal particles, which are passed through the dust remover at the same time as the discharge, completely sucking away the paint and impurities, and the broken metal particles are clean, bright and reduce pollution. The screen can be customized according to the material and user needs. Secondly, the metal particles processed by the machine have the advantages of low impurity content and high separation accuracy of aluminum and iron.

Application range

In the application, the briquetting crusher can crush all kinds of paint bucket briquettes, gasoline barrel briquettes, beverage tank briquettes, cans briquettes, metal box briquettes and other light and thin material briquettes. The processed materials are spherical. Metal particles, the user can change the size of the material to customize the shape of the material. This series of briquetting crushers can also be used for metal garbage, iron pressing, packing briquetting, bicycle briquetting, motorcycle briquetting, car shell briquetting, waste house voltage block, color steel tile briquetting block, paint bucket briquetting block. High-efficiency equipment for improving the quality of steel smelting, such as the recovery of materials such as cans and briquettes